FTS Successfully Secures Landing and Overflying Permits for Sri Lanka to Armenia Flight via UAE

In the world of aviation, ensuring the smooth operation of a flight from one country to another involves a complex web of regulations, permits, and clearances. For an airline, obtaining these permits can often be a challenging and time-consuming process. We, as a global aviation support service provider, recently demonstrated our expertise in handling permits and slots for a series of charter flights from Sri Lanka to Armenia via the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

We were able to obtain the landing permits and overflying permits of the following countries directly through the respective authorities by working closely with the regulatory bodies.

  • Armenia Landing Permit

  • Oman Overflying Permit

  • UAE Overflying Permit

  • Iraq Overflying Permit

  • Kuwait Overflying Permit

  • Bahrain Overflying Permit

  • Indian Overflying permit

    • Also a long standing contract with a local agent in India facilitated the acquisition of an overflying permit for the flight. This highlighted the effort the team made to build the relationship with the local partners in India to navigate the permitting process.

As a trip support company, there were many challenges we had faced during this operation and we identified our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats at this flight operation.

In conclusion, we were able to successfully handle landing permits and overflying permits for the flight from Sri Lanka to Armenia via the UAE. The direct relationships with regulatory authorities in multiple countries underscore the expertise in facilitating international flights, ensuring that passengers and cargo reach their destinations smoothly and on time.

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