Quick Guide – Obtain Landing & Overflight Permits in Sri Lanka

If you are a private jet or commercial airline operator planning to operate or fly over Sri Lanka you need to obtain necessary permits from the Civil Aviation Authority in Sri Lanka. Depending on the nature of the flight whether it is an overflight, landing or technical stop documents required for the permit will vary. Sri Lanka Civil Aviation Authority is responsible for granting these permits. It is advisable to engage with a reputable aviation service provider to understand the requirements and apply for the relevant permits for your operation.

To apply for a landing permit, you will likely need to provide information about your flight, including the aircraft type,
registration number, operator details, purpose of the flight, estimated date and time of arrival, departure airport, and more. The application process may involve submitting relevant documents, such as the airworthiness certificate
and insurance information. In order to obtain a overflight permit you will need to submit the complete flight schedule, entry/exit points, passenger and crew details. The overflight permit is valid for a period of 48 hours. 

Our FTS operations team is professional and is capable of obtaining permits on behalf of the operator whether it is a normal or urgent permit. The FTS team will ensure that your flight is taken care of and a smooth operation will be guaranteed.

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